Vitamin Friends Iron Diet Supplement, 60 Count

January 21, 2016 - Comment

15 mg Iron (Ferrous Fumarat) B Complex and Zinc. Non-constipating and gentle plus easy on the stomach.

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15 mg Iron (Ferrous Fumarat) B Complex and Zinc. Non-constipating and gentle plus easy on the stomach.


C. C. Jones says:

The only “gummy” iron that I’ve found My six year old with Aspergers, who also has serious sensory issues and as a result doesn’t eat but a few things, doesn’t get anything at all with iron in it in his diet. His pediatrician referred us to a dietician, who was especially concerned about lack of iron, and unfortunately the multivitamin selection is either the hard multivitamins such as Flintstone style or the various gummies. 

Jenna Bonner says:

PERFECT for toddlers who need the extra iron Ever since his blood work at 9 months old revealed borderline anemia, we have struggled to keep my now nearly 2-year-old son’s iron up. If you’ve ever tried to give an iron supplement to your infant/toddler you know how utterly disgusting those drops are, and how tough it can be to get them into your child. These gummies are PERFECT! He gets excited to eat them, like they’re a special treat 🙂 I’ve tried them myself – the consistency is just like any other gummy I’ve ever had (NOT hard at all), and while there is a SLIGHT metallic taste, we’re almost finished our first bottle and my son has never complained and still gets excited for his daily gummy! I highly recommend them!

Kenneth J Southall says:

Delicious Gummy Vite with Iron I’m so happy to have found these vitamins. Both my girls are borderline anemic and need an iron supplement. They are delicious with no artificial sweeteners or colors. Both my girls ask for them everyday. Such a big improvement over Flintstones. (And they really don’t stick to your teeth.) They are worth the price!

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