Thera Tears Nutrition, 1200mg Omega-3 Supplement Capsules, 90-Count

January 21, 2016 - Comment

Supports eye comfort and healthy tears

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Supports eye comfort and healthy tears


david gonzalez says:

all i can say is wow i saw these at walmart sometime ago, but i was skeptical about trying them so i passed them up. 

Discriminating shopper says:

after multiple surgeries, this stuff has been a godsend Eighteen months ago, I was at a point where I could no longer look at a computer screen without my eyes literally ACHING. My vision was increasingly blurred, and reading was beyond my tolerance, other than for a few moments at a time. This was serious, serious stuff, since I’m an advanced graduate student and have several hundred pages of text to read each week! I finally couldn’t tolerate the pain and went in to see my optometrist — who discovered I had significant corneal scarring from severe dry eye syndrome. Left untreated, I was destined to lose my eyesight. I was immediately scheduled for two corneal surgeries, and I was prescribed Restasis, oil-based lubricants, and a thicker ointment for nighttime lubrication. Plus, my doctor recommended Theratears. 

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