PUMA Men’s Ignite Mesh Running Shoe, Periscope/Quarry/Vermillion Orange, 13 M US

January 21, 2016 - Comment

Puma IGNITE Mesh Running Shoes

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Puma IGNITE Mesh Running Shoes


Alicia Powell says:

Best running shoe that I have ever owned. Also great as training shoe. Let’s be clear- these are running shoes. I’m actually discussing the merits of these as tools for running training. Although, truth be told, they are the coolest looking running shoes I have ever owned – I don’t know about the prior reviews about it being more “yellow” than she would have liked- it definitely has a “pro” vibe to them.As a midfoot striker, I find that the Impact has an incredibly stable and wide platform. Why is this important? I had been on adidas boosts previously, and it was like running with glorified sandals, as the uppers were so flimsy, that I damn near broke both my ankles because the shoes rolled over so easily.With the Impact, I get lots of lateral stability, comfortable push off, and a great fit. The weight is great (I have seen others complain that it is heavy, but as a training shoe, the weight is on par, if not lighter, than most). I was definitely impressed with this one…

mark sterling says:

Five Stars Have run in them twice really comfortable extremely satisfied

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