Nature Made Multi For Him Vitamin and Mineral, 90 Tablets

January 21, 2016 - Comment

Nature Made® Multi For Him Dietary Supplement.Made with D3.USP® dietary supplement verified.No iron.22 key nutrients to support men’s health.Formulated for easy absorption®.90 tablets.Enter code for wellness rewards points at

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Nature Made® Multi For Him Dietary Supplement.
Made with D3.
USP® dietary supplement verified.
No iron.
22 key nutrients to support men’s health.
Formulated for easy absorption®.
90 tablets.
Enter code for wellness rewards points at


Sage Liskey says:

Good, but not vegan This is a very complete multi-vitamin (except it leaves out iron), but the description provided on this site ignores saying that it contains ingredients from fish. 

M. Overly says:

A good vitamin for the price. I received my vitamins and was worried about what the last reviewer said about the size of the vitamins being an issue. They must have changed the size of them from two years ago (when the reviewer made the comment) because they are about the same size, or a little smaller, than the “One A Day” vitamins. I would say don’t let the size of the vitamins keep you from getting these, they are worth the price! 

Leo says:

Great Product for Men and Great Deal Too! First off this product does not over do it with its supplements for Men. No Insane daily requirement percentages here! Just your basic needs for the most part. Everything a Man needs in terms of nutrients. The pills themselves are not huge either. A fair size that I feel everyone should have a simple time swallowing. You also get alot of bang for your buck. 90 pills at 1 daily is 90 days (3 months) for less than $10. Not bad. I was paying $17 for a 30 day supply at GNC that had insane amounts of the daily requirements I needed. This product is better for the average joe. Would highly Recommend!

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