Nature’s Way Vitamin C 1000 with Rose Hips, 250 Capsules

January 21, 2016 - Comment

Nature’s Way Vitamin C 1000 with Rose Hips supplies rich antioxidant protection and aids in immune defense.

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Nature’s Way Vitamin C 1000 with Rose Hips supplies rich antioxidant protection and aids in immune defense.


Michael says:

A Must have for optimal health Most people are unaware that YOU CAN NOT OVERDOSE ON VITAMIN C PERIOD. That being said, the body, if given too much vitamin C, will have a reaction in the form of mild to medium diarrhea. If that does happen then drop dose by 1/4 and that is your bodies safe max level. You would have to be in the 15,000 to 40,000 mg range before that would happen. Fact: Vitamin C, in the presence of cancer cells, becomes an Oxydator that Will kill those cells. There are 3 primary things that effect the body. 1) Fungi, 2)Virus’ 3)Bacterial. Vitamin C, in the presence of these issues becomes an Oxydator and keeps them at bay. Vitamin C is water soliable and must be taken throughout the day. Use the Vitamin C with Rose Hip, it helps to retain more of the C during release. I take 10,000 mg daily and I don’t keep a cold, when they do come on, more than a few hours. Read up on Dr. Linus Pauling, 2 time Nobel Peace Prize Recipient. He, Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Max Gerson, (Read about Dr. Max Gerson and his…

Amit Talpade says:

The Ultimate Orthomolecule Vitamin C is on of the best ways to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and it also acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin C must be consumed in copious quantities to maintain good health and supplementation is necessary, as the average human does not eat the quantities of fruits and vegetables to fully get the Vitamin C to maintain optimal health. 

Amazon Customer says:

Fine Product I have been taking Vitamin C supplements for years with no issues, same dose, same rose hips. But these are in capsule form and may be part of issue. I developed the worst acid reflux of my life while taking this product. It took me several weeks to figure out what was causing problem and I had to resort to eliminated things one by one from my daily regimen. Without a doubt, after eliminating these capsules, the problem resolved. I thought I had developed esophageal cancer or something. I will stick with hard pills from now on.

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